How to Get the Books

it helps to know …

My book titles in the Helena’s Stories series are A Perfect Plan, Rule!, and A Good Place by Carolyn M. Osborne. There are a few other books written by other Carolyn Osbornes, so watch for the right one to come up.

To find the book on Amazon, as a Kindle ebook or in lovely paperbound: go to, and look up Carolyn M. Osborne in Books. It helps if you key in the name of one of my books as well.

They’re also in iBooks (if you have an iPad or Apple computer). I am not very conversant with Apple’s screens, but if you copy the address below and paste it in, you should get there. If you have an Apple device and are more familiar with their systems, there is probably a simpler way.

A Perfect Plan, Rule! and A Good Place also are available as ebooks on these sites:

  • Barnes & Noble, to use on the Nook reader.

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