Thoughts on History Newsletter

In fall of 2017, I was deep into research for my book A Good Place. As I had found with writing A Perfect Plan and Rule!, I kept coming across lots of interesting “extra” information on that didn’t quite fit into the book but is related. These items are just too interesting to ignore (the practice of pillory is a good example of that). That, along with tidbits on language usage, surrounding history and cultural norms, just had to come out somewhere: hence the newsletter.

Thoughts on History is a free, emailed PDF that I  send out more or less quarterly. If you’re not getting the newsletter, please email me at and I’ll be happy to put you on the list for future mailings. Or, you can see them from this page.


Newsletter June 2018 Vol II Issue 2

Thoughts on History Vol II Issue 1 January 2018

Thoughts on History Vol I issue 1