So, What’s the Plan?

Helena’s Stories is turning out to be a series of four books that tell stories from our family history. The first, A Perfect Plan, was published in the spring of 2016, and re-edited, revised and re-published in April of 2017, along with the second book, Rule!. 

Rule! consists of nine historically accurate stories, with their historical context, set in Britain (England, Ireland and Scotland), France, Germany, India, and St. Helena’s Island (in the south Atlantic).

In summer of 2017, I started writing Promise, as planned. But my first story, “A Good Place” turned out to be a novel of its own. So Promise has been postponed until A Good Place is written and published. I hope to publish it by 2020 That’s the plan, anyway.

A Good Place is the story of documented settlers in the early Virginia colony. It centers around John Powell, an English settler, his daughter Mary and his indentured servant Thomas Prater. It’s, of course, a romance based on real people, but it’s also an adventure story, a look at what life was like during the process of making the wilds of America into farmland, and a view of what was happening deep in the woods “above the falls.”

So A Good Place is coming out in 2018. Promise which, like Rule! will consist of short stories. Promise’s stories, though, will set in America from the early 1600s into the early 1900’s. It is possible that the American stories will spill into yet another book. I won’t know until I try it. There are a good number of American stories to tell.

This is a terrific project and I’m having such a good time with it!

Back to writing…