Photo of Helena


My scanner and computer have finally decided to reconcile!  I’m happy for them, and much happier for me. Now, I’m able to get this photo of my mom, Helena, into a file. That is something I’ve wanted  to do for a long time.  Here it is!

Mom was responsible for all the stories I’m working on these days, which is why I started my ‘serious’ writing  with the novel A Perfect Plan. We both liked Catherine Nelson and George Matcham, and saw a story there. The next book, working title Rule!, will be short stories of the 10th through 19th Century in England, Europe and ‘the East’. All are connected in some way with Great Britain and its development. If you go to the Menu button in the upper right hand corner of this page, you’ll find more about Helena’s Stories, and more about the books of the Britannia series.

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