Two Neat Things Today!

One is that I have a book signing in Winchester VA on this coming Saturday, August 27th from 11 am to 1 pm at


the Winchester Book Gallery! It’s such a fine store – I’m   really excited!

The other is that today I put the finishing touches on my story about Charlemagne (probably your ancestor and, yes, mine). It took a lot of digging around to accomplish the research I needed, but I think I’ve got a good story in hand. Charlemagne is a controversial character, but love him or hate him, he certainly had a lot of impact on Western history. Personalizing him was a bit tricky at first, but it ‘got legs and ran’ after a while.

Charlemagne is one of a varied cast of characters in Rule! – a set of family stories that tracks the origin and growth of the British Empire through personal experiences. Rule! is set to publish in January, so I need to keep writing!


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