Ready for the Local Author Extravaganza in Culpeper Tomorrow!

On Saturday, October 29th from 1-4:00 pm, at the Culpeper Library, a group of local authors will assemble and you are invited! Admission is free. This event, sponsored by the Culpeper Library, will have door prizes, more than 20 authors to talk with, books available to buy (and get signed!), and brief presentations by authors about whatever it is we talk about. I’m going to spend about 3 minutes a little bit after 3:30 with a few thoughts on developing personal perspectives of history, which I love to do. Other writers will have other things to say. This is a casual, enjoyable event. Come, join the fun!

2 thoughts on “Ready for the Local Author Extravaganza in Culpeper Tomorrow!

  1. Hi, Carolyn I’m under the weather right now and won’t be able to attend this fun-sounding event, but I do want a signed copy of your book. Please reserve me one… Miss your sweet face at chorale practice!



    1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad, Peggy. Get better soon! Thanks for your kind words. I miss Chorale a lot, but I also really needed this time for writing. I’ll be back for next fall certainly – might be back for this spring if I get Book #2 out on time and have made enough progress on Book #3. That book will end this series, per current plans. I hope you’ll feel better and have a fun season. Thanks for writing! – C


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