This is my first post on my first site. Wow!

…and I don’t quite know what I’m doing! Being a writer today involves much more than just writing, and that ‘much more,’ for me, means learning quite a lot about media. So, now my task is establishing my on-line presence.

Hi. I’m Carolyn Osborne, and I like to write about people: their feelings, reactions and relationships. I also love to research and then write about history, particularly taken from a personal perspective.

I am very excited to be in the process of formatting my first book: A Perfect Plan. I intend to publish it this summer as an ebook, and maybe a few copies in print as well. It’s an historical romance about a wonderful, real-life couple, my 5G grandparents: Catherine Nelson and George Matcham, in Norfolk, England in the 1780’s. I have been working on this and other family stories for fourteen years, and I especially love these characters and have had a great time making their history into a personal experience. I’m excited and a bit nervous about releasing the story to public view, but I’m gonna do it!

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