Progress: Cover and Formatting!

Today, I set up the cover for A Perfect Plan and made arrangements to have someone much better experienced than I am take on the formatting task (various e-publishers have different formatting requirements). A big relief, in both cases! So, we’re coming along. Yay!

As a somewhat introverted type, I love to visualize producing a book as a straight line process. It’s just me sitting in the kitchen at my messy desk with my little dog sleeping on the floor nearby. Just me and Word hammering out a story. Nope.

There are a lot of people who have roles in the process: my wonderful Mr. Osborne, who puts up with and encourages me; my writers’ group friends, who are so helpful and encouraging and have such good suggestions; my long-suffering friends and family who have endured reading countless revisions; our dog who doesn’t get enough attention (that’s what she’ll tell you) and our cat, who feels inadequately worshiped (ditto).

I’d like to think it’s in a good cause.

Now, I’m going to set up a page about A Perfect Plan, and one for the next book I’m working on. No-one is reading this yet, because I haven’t gotten the word out that I have a site. Guess I’d better start doing that, too! Cheers!



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