Checking in…

rule-bookcoverpreview-2It’s been much too long since I posted here. Christmas has passed, then January, then the inevitable flu, and then Valentine’s Day. I’m still working on Rule!, but am nearly done.  What a project this has become!

I got the story-telling component done on time by December’s end, but then hit a snag. Two of my beta readers, bless them, who read for content and continuity, gave me an additional assignment. They sent back notes that they like the stories (thank heavens!) but want to know more about the historical setting or family situation behind each story. I like that idea too, so have written/am writing an information intro for each tale. Now, those of us with “‘satiable curtiosity” (like Kipling’s “The Elephant’s Child,”  O best beloved) – we who like to know more about causes and outcomes – can do so, and those of us who just feel like reading good stories can get right to it. It’s taken a while, but I think the additions will be worth it.

I’m framing out and writing the last info page this weekend. Then there are the final edits to make, and off the book goes for uploading and sending to print. It’s exciting and is getting very real.

Rule! consists of nine stories from our family history, set in the British empire or Europe between 783 and 1896. Each recounts a documented event viewed from a personal perspective. The only fiction in the stories is the interpretation needed to turn historical facts into human experiences.

Keep watching the skies – Rule! will appear very soon.

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