Finally, Rule! has been published and A Perfect Plan revised and re-published

 I have finally published Rule!, my second historical book, and have also re-edited, revised and re-published A Perfect Plan. They’re both available as e-books through Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords. They’re also available in hard copy through Amazon Kindle Books. To find them, search Carolyn Osborne  Rule! or Carolyn Osborne A Perfect Plan.

    While A Perfect Plan is a shorter book which tells one — I think very nice — story, Rule! is more comprehensive, telling nine stories. These are true accounts of vivid people, told from their own points of view or that of someone involved with them. Some of these people, such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, were famous, and others weren’t, but each was in some way tied to the rise, fall, or continuation of an empire.

    The stories of Rule! are historically accurate and many are deeply dramatic. They range in setting from Charlemagne’s Frankish kingdom in the Ninth Century to Britannia’s rule over a quarter of the world in the Nineteenth. The stories include two sieges (in Ireland and in India), a shipwreck, two very different insurrections, some tragedy and a considerable amount of joy.
    My goal in writing the Helena’s Stories series is to offer perspectives that are personally involving as well as historically valid. Each story is followed by information about its background and historical setting and is end-noted with annotations and references. I hope you’ll enjoy these tales, just as I have enjoyed researching and writing them.

     It’s well accepted now that notable historical characters of the middle ages such as Charlemagne or Eleanor of Aquitaine are the common ancestors of most of us who have some western European family origins. Even if you have no ties to the Davies or Atkinson families, where these stories originate, when reading about them you may very well be reading about your own ancestors. Either way, they are personal peeks into vivid times.
   Rule! is the second book of the series, Helena’s Stories. It follows A Perfect Plan, a tender coming of age story that romanticized the love and marriage of Catherine Nelson and George Matcham in England in the 1780s. 
Always keep on reading!

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